Week Beginning 10.02.20

We hope you have a lovely half term and look forward to seeing the children raring to go on Monday 24th February.

Important Dates:

Thursday 27th February: Orchestra Unwrapped Trip

Friday 28th February: Mayan Workshop. Please pay for this via ParentPay by Thursday 27th February.

This Week’s Learning (wb 10.02.20)

Topic: This week in topic, children edited and up-levelled their adventure stories. They worked in partners to do this, editing different elements (punctuation, dialogue, spellings) at different times. Children then chose part of our topic this term to create an independent project, which they then presented to the class. This could take the form of a written piece, art work or even sculptures. You can see some of these finished projects below. We ended our topic by evaluating what we had learnt this term and what our favourite part was.


Maths: On Monday, we continued with our measurements topic, converting different measures of time in order to solve problems. We then moved on to finding the area of different shapes, including rectangles, parallelograms and triangles.

RE: children continued their learning about the Buddha and how he came to be, finishing their story maps to show this.

PSHE: children presented each other with certificates to celebrate each other’s achievements this term and thought about how they could accept the praise they were given.

Outdoor PE: to end our basketball scheme of learning, children took part in a basketball competition, tieing in everything we have learnt this term, including how to defend and attack well as a team.

Homework and Spellings (wb 10.02.20)

We are not sending out any homework for children to complete over half term: they deserve a well-earned break!

Could we please ask that you continue to practise times tables and Year 5/6 statutory spellings (found in the reading diaries) on a regular basis and encourage your children to read as much as possible.

First Week Back’s Learning (wb 24.02.20)

During our first week back, we will be having our mock SATs during the mornings. Please do not worry about these, we only need to see how we can help children further!

Topic: we will not properly begin our next topic, ‘Mystical Mayans’ until the second week back after half term, however on Friday 28th February we have a Mayan Workshop booked to engage children in the topic. This will include activities such as chocolate tasting, playing games and touching real Mayan artefacts.

We also have a music trip to the Orchestra Unwrapped in London, which will take place on Thursday 27th February in the afternoon.