First Week Back’s Learning (wb 24.02.20)

During our first week back, we will be having our mock SATs during the mornings. Please do not worry about these, we only need to see how we can help children further!

Topic: we will not properly begin our next topic, ‘Mystical Mayans’ until the second week back after half term, however on Friday 28th February we have a Mayan Workshop booked to engage children in the topic. This will include activities such as chocolate tasting, playing games and touching real Mayan artefacts.

We also have a music trip to the Orchestra Unwrapped in London, which will take place on Thursday 27th February in the afternoon.

Next Week’s Learning (wb 10.02.20)

PSHE: children will be acknowledging each other’s achievements by presenting each other with certificates. We will also be talking about how we can accept compliments and how they make us feel.

RE: children will be role playing the story of how the Buddha came to be and will then create a storymap to show this.

Outdoor PE: children will work as a team to employ attacking and defending tactics and work collaboratively between teams.

Next Week’s Learning (wb 03.02.20)

PSHE: children will be considering the work of different charities and designing their own fundraiser event to demonstrate how they can work together to make a difference in the world.

RE: we are continuing our learning about Buddhism and children will be delving deeper into the origins of the religion and well as role playing the story of how the Buddha came to be.

Indoor PE: due to the hall being in use, children will be taking part in some mental awareness activities within the classroom, including physical and mind breaks, along with some yoga.

Outdoor PE: children will be employing a range of attacking and defending techniques in a game situation and work well as part of a team.

Next Week’s Learning (wb 03.02.20)

PSHE: children will be discussing a range of global issues and how people in these situations’ goals and dreams may be different to their own.

Outdoor PE: children will be shooting a ball at a target in a competitive situation and work well as part of a team.

Indoor PE: children will create different ways to travel at different levels and inclines.

Next Week’s Learning (wb 20.01.20)

We will be having our trip to the Horniman Museum next week to support our learning in topic!

RE: we will be beginning our learning about Buddhism, in particular, investigating what the word ‘Buddha’ means.

Outdoor PE: children will be learning a variety of passes to use in a game situation.

Indoor PE: we will be looking at how to mount a vault using the correct take-off and landing technique (squat on).

Next week’s learning

Maths: The children will be learning to measure capacity.

Topic: The children will learning about animal reproduction. On Friday, the children will have the opportunity to visit a Science exhibition at Sutton Grammar School.G

PE: The children will be taking part in Sports Day.