Notices and reminders

Transition to High School

There will be a meeting for Year 5 parents on Thursday 13th June at 6pm.

Trip to Sutton Synagogue

A letter has been sent our with details about our upcoming trip. Please return the permission slip to the class teacher.

Next week’s learning (wb 10.6.19)

Topic: we will be taking part in Art Week. We will be using iPads and Chromebooks to research the life of Frida Kahlo. As a class, we will analyse the art of Frida Kahlo and discussing our feelings about her art. We will then refine our sketching skills and create a surrealist self-portrait.

Maths: we will be learning to identify 3D shapes. We will also be looking at nets of shapes.

PSHE: we will be starting our new topic, Changing Me.

RE: we will be continuing to learning about elements of Judaism.