Week Beginning 14.10.19

We are so impressed with how hard the children have worked this half term; we hope you have a well-deserved break!

We will be having our SATs parents meeting on Wednesday 30th October either at 8.45 or 6pm.

This week, we had crazy hair day; have a look at some of our amazing creations below!

This Week’s Learning

Topic: we have been wrapping up our learning about the Polar Regions this week. We worked in groups to research, plan and create a tent; this tent had to endure rigorous testing, including wind, polar bear attacks and blizzards! Children then evaluated their tents using scientific vocabulary. After, children reflected on what they have learnt this term and completed an independent project which they showcased to the class.

Maths: we have been learning how to solve problems using long division this week and children have massively persevered! We continued to break down some two digit numbers into their factors in order to solve with two small steps, but used the long written method for numbers that could not be broken down.

RE: Children learnt about how different religions celebrate the coming of age and used this knowledge to think about how they will celebrate moving into adulthood.

Outdoor PE: children applied athletic movement in a competitive environment and thought about how to work well in a team.

First Week Back’s Learning (wb 28.10.19)

PSHE: children will be thinking about what ‘normal’ means to them and how their opinions can differ from someone else.

Indoor PE: children will be beginning to communicate an invention themed dance through movement, demonstrating accurate and consistent dynamics.

Outdoor PE: children will be working effectively in small teams to put into practice defending principles of play.