Week beginning 18.03.19 – This week’s learning

Maths: we have been learning to read and write decimals. We have used dienes to represent decimals and partitioned decimals in different ways.

Topic: we have had an excellent week. We planned and wrote persuasive letters to convince Ms Bretherick to use Fairtrade products when making school lunches. Later in the week, we observed reversible changes.

PSHE: we have been looking at body image and how social media does not also reflect reality.

Computing: we continued creating repeating patterns using different programme.

PE: we continued to learn how to defend.

Grammar: we have been focusing on adverbials and used them in our writing.

An example of an excellent introduction written and edited by Lily.

Next week’s learning – w/b 25.03.19

Maths: we will continue to explore the relationship between tenths, hundredths and thousandths. We will also begin to partition decimal numbers in different ways.

Topic:  we will be planning and carrying out an investigation based on  irreversible changes. We will also be using our Literacy skills to write up our investigation.

RE: we will be researching different charities.

Grammar: we will be focusing on using expanded noun phrases.

PE: we will be working in pairs to defend a target.